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How to make the Autumn Tiles Quilt Block

Hi and welcome to Darvanalee Designs Studio, aka DDs. Today's video, How to Make the Autumn Tints Quilt Block for DDs A to Z Quilt Block Challenge. I will be taking you step by step by making the Autumn Tints quilt block. It is not too late to join in the fun of this challenge link is below. The Autumn Tint Block is 14.5" before sewn into a Quilt ...Sew Let's get started. You are going to need the following. Two fat quarters or some scrap fabric you can find the materials and other products I used here under the featured products on our welcome page. you will also need general sewing supplies and the supplemental video on our channel linked below. Cutting Instructions. From White fabric, cut the following: ✂ 2 Squares - 6¼" x 6¼"

✂ 8 Squares - 2½" x 2½"

✂ 4 rectangles - 2½" x 4½"

✂ 4 rectangles - 2½" x 6½"

Cut from the Dark Fabric

✂ 2 squares - 6¼" x 6¼"

✂ 5 squares - 2½" x 2½" The Supplemental video can be found here.

You Can still join this yearly challenge, by joining our Facebook group DDs Quilt and Crafting Group. Till next time Happy Quilting and Crafting ") N

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