DDs October/November 2020 Newsletter 

Hello, Lovelies, October/November Group Newsletter This was posted also in my Handmade group...but some of it applies here too

Just wanted to give you all the heads up...That November will be a massive sale on the website starting on the 1st...I will be marking all fabrics down to $6 per meter...this will be for meterage only...this is to make room for more supplies that are coming in early next year...everything thing that is listed will be marked down excluding Liberty Tanna Lawn Fabrics...Other items will be marked down make sure you head over and have a will be a great way to build up your stash... sale will start at 9am 1st November 2020 and go for the entire month. Exciting Shop News! We are expanding our stock to include Cross Stitch supplies...This will include, made to order products, fabrics, and general supplies...Some of these Items have started to come in and will be listed after the sale...things that have arrived are easy count fabrics, Rit dyes and linens, and Handmade supplies...As this is still in its infancy we will have a lot coming in over the coming months as the supply lines start to open up... Early 2021 will see the majority of items listed up on the website...I will keep you updated with all the happenings. You may be wondering what sort of things we will be I said last month we are going to be stocking Zweigart fabrics, in varies counts and colours...Flosses, DMC will be ordered this week as the supplier now has the stock...currently we stock limited Cosmo, but will be expanding this and then general notions along with some new handmade items, such as needle minders, threaders, etc ( stocking of charts well, that is a whole new ball game, but hey, I am playing lol) I will keep you posted:) Made to Order Update: Made to order items are currently standing at a 4-week turnaround and...... I am hoping to get this down to 2-3 weeks... This is on all items, including Grime Guards (normally sit at 24hrs) I will do weekly updates on this... Christmas is fast approaching and I have several Christmas fabrics in stock I will be posting all fabrics that are available for kits and retreat bags by the end of this week...I also have several Halloween Fabrics too, More Spooky Fog Witch fabric has arrived for those that were wanting project bags...if that is something you are interested in...keep and eye out... Just remember that most of these fabrics are limited, so if there is something you see and you like it...please contact me, Nicole Reed, here on FB asap to avoided disappointment... some of you have experienced this disappointment already...In some cases, I can find the fabric again, but more often than not, once it is gone, it is gone for get in quick... During some of my time off I will be still sewing up some retreat and Project bags, these will be listed on our website this page is under construction at the moment but as items become available I will post them here > Quilting & Binding Service: Well, it has taken a bit of work and long hours, but I have finally got down to 4-week turnaround...As some of you know my time is usually taken up by me quilting quilts for customers...There has been a change to binding service's...we are still offering it...As of last month, I will no longer be doing binding at night... This is so I can spend time with my family and work on my Health a couple of nights a week... so as of last month Quilts and Binding Servies are in the same queue instead of 2 separate ones...and as I said this stands at a 4-week turnaround...Now, as we offer both drop-off and mail-in services for both Quilts and Binding this time frame can change at any time...I will keep you up-to-date with any changes...We are closing off Mail-in services for the month of December 2020 and January 2021 so I can spend some time with my family without being under the if you have quilts that need to be quilted and you use our Mail-in service now is the time to get them to me... Please note: if your quilts arrive after the 1st of December they will not be quilted until February 2021. Please remember the 4-week turnaround if you need a quilt done and back to you before Christmas NOW is the time to get it into me...Now during these months of December and January, I will be still accepting Drop off Quilts but by appointment only :) and the 4 week turnaround time will stand, starting from the 1st of February 2021...... again this is to give me time to spend with my family and have some much needed time off but I am still available by message only...I normally take 2 weeks from the 24th December and during this time I don't answer messages...I need this time to recharge for the year but this year I am taking a full 2 months off from Quilting messages...I will however still be taking orders for Retreat and Project bags for the first two weeks of December 2020 and then I will close off orders till Mid January 2021...My next holiday is Easter where I take a week...and then again in the September School Holidays...I will remind you of these closer to the time of Easter and Spring break Exciting Quilting News: From February 2021 DDs will be offering you the chance to quilt your own quilt...we are offering you the chance to Hire our machine to quilt your own quilt...Now, what does this mean...Well, simple you can come and spend the day here in Kingaroy and you can use the machine to quilt your quilt...I will have more details to follow, including Price and Days Available each month...this will be uploaded to files here so you can choose and book... There will also be some basic videos that you will need to watch before arriving on how to load and work the machine...I have plans on doing these during December and January, but I will be here for any help you our newsletter updates for more details on this exciting new offer. Youtube & Giveaway News: From last month, you may have noticed under each video there are a couple of new links... these are as follows Buy me a Coffee - Google Contact Form - The Buy me a coffee link is a great way to help support the channel so I can keep bringing you awesome can do this as one-offs or you can commit to a regular payment...any support that can be given is greatly appreciated, but not expected ...The Google Contacts form is something you need to fill going forward for giveaways, and you only have to fill this out once this will save me the time of not having to chase anyone up for postal addresses and will also help when we have a destash sales or you can use it to join our mailing list for sneak peeks on products or newly made to order product and discount codes ...I can assure you that your information will not be given to any third party... it is purely for my eyes only...We have been looking at ways to bring you more great content and doing more Live streams with you all so we have a couple of new segments that we will be introducing in the coming months...some of these will be, Sew with me series, Diamond Paint with Me, we will be continuing with our Live stream Stitch With Me every Monday at 10am ...I will keep you posted about the times and dates of the other segments...We have had a few questions about what is happening with Tutorials on the channel...I will be still doing these, but I am Looking at cutting these down to 2 a month pre-recorded and then a couple a month that will be Live streamed...As I said I will have more information on this as we work out the schedule...Now I know I don’t have any fancy equipment like some of the bigger YouTubers, but I am working on it...having the BuyMe a Coffee Link, will help me achieve this...But I promise these segments will be just as fun and interactive as the larger channels Retreat News: As we are fast approaching 2021 retreats and get together has been a hot topic for a lot of you...I am happy to let you know that at this stage we have 2 retreats already booked ... Our Frist Cross Stitch retreat is happening on the last weekend in May the dates are as follows 28th to 31st and then we have a Christmas in July Retreat at the Bunya Mountains...16th to 19th of July 2021 ...Now as some of you have already booked and paid your deposit I will send out invoices to those that are paying theirs off around Mid January...These invoices will be via PayPal and will have an end date on them for you, it is simple to pay this way... as you just enter the amount you want to pay and then it will automatically take it off the amount and leave you with a you can get your remaining payments sorted ...and just a reminder you need to have your payments finalised by 3 weeks out this will be the date on the invoice...If you should have some issues please contact me asap so I can help you with your issue...We normally like all payments made by 6 weeks out from the retreat, but due to the current climate, I feel this will give you the extra time...Now in saying all that you are more than welcome to start your payments back up now ...just message me and let me know what you want to do ...for those that have paid in full well, you have nothing to worry about...We have a separate group for people coming to one of our retreats, I suggest that you join this group if you have yet to do this is where I put all information and NEED to KNOW info you can find this here ...Just remember if you have yet to pay a deposit then your spot is not secure and you won’t be added to this group...we currently have 5 spots remaining for the Cross Stitch Retreat and 11 spots for the Christmas in July...If you want more information on this you can find it on our website. I am currently looking at running some more Cross Stitch and Sewing/Craft retreats maybe another 2...I am just waiting on some dates and to hear back from venues... You May wonder what is a Sewing/Craft retreat, these can be a mixture of both genres, I am also looking at doing a Diamond Painting one too...all our retreats run from the Friday to Monday morning and cost $375 this includes all accommodation and food, it also includes goodie Bags and some supplies and classes depending on the I said for more information please head to our website and check out the 2 we already have booked... We are also looking at some Get together at various venues, around South East Qld these will just be a Day Trips...these are still in the pipeline and as soon as I know more I will let you know...again I am just waiting to hear back from venues...and we are just starting to work on 2022 Retreats too...lots of things happening in this area of keep an eye out and Join our Mailing list to keep up to date... Newsletters: DDs Newsletters are normally as something is happening we will post one...but as of February 2021 these will be Monthly, and will be sent to your inbox ...So head to our Website and Join the mailing list to keep up to date with all the happenings...OR you can fill out the Google form above and let me know if you only want to be on the General List or the Retreat List and I can add you to either one...if you are on the retreat list you will only hear about Retreats and Get Together’s... Well, that is all for this Newsletter, keep an eye out for our next this point in time, I will doing these as a monthly update... Till' Next time Happy Crafting ")


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