Free ANZAC Cross Stitch Design

I have had a secret for a little while now. I have been for the better part of a month designing in the background and getting to know the software that I use. And with everyone practising social distancing on a global scale and with large gatherings from sport to celebrations.

Here in Australia and New Zealand a very significant celebration to both our countries has been cancelled. ANZAC Day is a day we honour our servicemen and women that have protected and still protect our beautiful countries...I think it might be the first time. I will have to check to see if this is the case. There have been lots of talk about people playing the last post, and people all standing on our Driveways at 6 am on the 25th of April. So I decided that I would create this for non-musical ( or musical folk) to stitch. I hope you enjoy the Free ANZAC Chart as much as I did, creating it for you...

Find your Free ANZAC chart HERE

You watch me as I start to Stitch out this wonderful chart below