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How to Make DDs Easy Grime Guard.

DDs Easy Grime Guard - How to Make

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Hi and welcome to Darvanalee Designs Studio, aka DDs. In today's video, I will be taking you step by step through the process of making DDs Easy Grime Guard for an embroidery hoop or Q-Snap. Not sure what a Grime Guard will help you protects your needlework projects from getting dirty around the edges where you hold the project. Sew Let's get started.

Formula How to work out your size of fabric and elastic for the grime guard is as follows:

Working in INCHES

Q-Snap: Width + Height = ____ multiply x 2 = _______ then + 2 inches = ____ your strip should measure this.

Embroidery Hoop: Size of Hoop - 2 inches = ____ once you have this number, use the above formula. Example - 10" - 2" = 8in then take that number

8" x 4 = 32" + 2" = 34 inches That will be the total length of the strip of fabric the with of the fabric is always 6.5"...

The total length of Fabric divided by 2 example - 34 ÷ 2 = 17 you will need two of these lengths.

To work out what size your elastic should be is as follows:

If you are still not sure, please message me on Instagram or via our contact form on the website ...these notification come straight to my mobile. With your size that you need so I can quickly work it out for you. Please REMEMBER I am in the Southern Hemisphere and my take me several hours to get back to you.

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