Flosstube #2 with DDs | WIPs and Haul | What we have planned.

Flosstube #2 with Darvanalee Designs Studio | WIPs and Haul | What we have planned. Hello Flosstube, its Nicole and Bec again for another wrap up of what we have been doing...we look at our WIP's, Haul and plans...it has been an amazing week of learning and preparing for what we want to take on next...Sew Let's Get Started. Things we talked about in the video Cross Stitch Calculator: http://bit.ly/2yMJg77 Nicole's Haul Journey of a Stitcher Etsy Store: https://etsy.me/2M6s852 Eat, sleep, stitch repeat chart: http://shrsl.com/1r7m5 Daisy 10 count 17" x17" Vintage Cloth: http://shrsl.com/1r7mq Quilters Cottage Chart: http://shrsl.com/1r7ma Burlap 10 Count 17" x 17" Vintage Cross Stitch Cloth: http://shrsl.com/1r7mb Weeks Dye Works-Autumn Floss Pack: http://shrsl.com/1r7mh Weeks Dye Works - Christmas Floss Pack: http://shrsl.com/1r7mk Piggy Needle minder: http://shrsl.com/1r7mm Just Cross