How To Make A Wonder Clip Tray In Various Sizes

Darvanalee Designs Studio | How To Make A Wonder Clip Tray In Various Sizes

Hi and welcome to Darvanalee Designs Studio, in today's video I will be showing how to make this cute little wonder-clip tray...I take you step by step through the process..including how use double cap rivets to hold together...Sew Let's Get Started

You can Find the Rivet Press and other tools in this kit list

You will need the following to make a Small, Medium and Large wonder-clip holder ( I will be making the large in the video)

Small: 2- 3.5" squares Exterior & Lining Fabric (scraps work well for this project) 1- 3.5" Square Fusible Fleece 4 double cap rivets Vinyl: 2" square

Medium: 2 - 4.5" squares Exterior & Lining Fabric 1 - 4.5 Square of Fusible Fleece 4 double cap rivets Vinyl - 2 3/8" Square

Large:2- 6" squares of Exterior & Lining Fabric 1 - 6" Square of Fusible Fleece 4 Double Cap Rivets Vinyl - 3 5/8"

Other Items you will need...

Optional: small pieces of vinyl. sizes listed above

Pen and Paper to write some measurements down. Rivet Press or setting tool Sewing machine Iron and Ironing pad Scissors Tailor's Awl or leather hole punch and General sewing supplies

Thank you for Joining me today...We hope you enjoyed this little

cute wonder-clip tray...Don't forget to Join our Facebook Group and

share your gorgeous creations with the community

'Till next time Happy Quilting and Crafting ") N

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