DDs Review Weekly -Product Review - Le Needle Bird Needle Threader

DDs Review Weekly -Product Review - Le Needle Bird Needle Threader Here at Darvanalee Designs Studio, we are addicted to books, patterns and products. ...So we thought we would start to share some of the Products that we have received ...So we thought what better way than to share with you the books, patterns and products we love by doing a Weekly Vlog - Review Style...The Pattern in this DDs Review Weekly video is called Le Needle Bird and...It is a cute little Needle threader that I got in my Sew Sampler in January 2019...I show you how it works and the features of it...So Let's get started. Affiliate Links for the products Le Needle Bird: ▶ Sew Sampler Monthly Box: ▶ Did you know by Becoming a member, not just a subscriber to our Website you get a 10% Coupon Code to use on all purchased items, for as long as you stay an active member of our Website...So head over and join up today. ▶

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