How to make a No Sew  Fabric Broach or Hair-clip

How to make a No Sew Fabric Broach or Hair-clip Website ▶

Here at Darvanalee Designs Studio, we love all things pretty...Today we have a quick and easy No Sew project for you that will utilise your scraps...Head over to our Blog and get all your cutting instructions...So what will you learn in this No Sew Tutorial video, I will be showing you how to handcraft this cute little Broach or Hair-clip ...It is a perfect way to use up some of your scraps for a very cute gift for a friend or loved one. You will learn how to braid your fabric into a cord and then attach a broach clip. Then it can be used as an embellishment for a handbag or a Jacket or even a headband... Let's get started.