Quilting Basics - Patchwork Quilting Tools Part 1

Quilting Basics - Patchwork Quilting Tools Part 1 Website ▶ https://www.darvanaleedesignsstudio.com Here at Darvanalee Designs Studio aka DDs for short, we believe that everyone should consider patchwork/Quilting as a hobby... and if you are beginner it can be very confusing with all the terminology and equipment out there on the market we decided that we would take you back to the beginning. With this new series called h Quilting Basics. Some of the basics that we will show you will be as simple as this video showing you my Patchwork tools. And we will move on from there...we will cover things like the difference between Patchwork and Quilting... different products that are used, you get my point... So we thought why not just cut through all the mystery and show you exactly what I have in my toolbox...Of course, we will list the supplies below where you can get them from...most are listed on our website/Etsy store and what we don't have we have supplied you with affiliate links to make it super easy and affordable for you...So Let's Get Started