Beginner English Paper Piecing - How to

Here at Darvanalee Designs Studio, we love all things handcrafted In this video, Beginner English Paper Piecing - How to or EPP as it is often referred to... I show you the necessary steps on how to make a little mug rug. Using English Paper Piecing as the technique ....So join me as I go through the stages of wrapping your fabric around your Hexagons and then sewing them together to create a basic and very common English paper piecing flower...Then we will be Quilting our little Mug Rug using straight line can use any free motion quilting style you like to finish your English paper Piecing Mug rug...then finally we add a binding, and your project will be complete...for further steps on Binding this or any quilt, see the video below....So let's get started

What you will need

7 - 1" hexagons

7 - 2.5" squares of scrap fabric

Glue pen/Needle and thread