Darvanalee Designs Studio the Year that was 2018 -Thank You

Darvanalee Designs Studio the Year that was 2018 -Thank You Website ▶ https://www.darvanaleedesignsstudio.com Happy New Year 2019 Join me as I take a look back at the year that was 2018, with the very first time in front of the Camera and I share with you all the creations that have been shared in our Facebook group from people that watch our channel... While I started to upload personal videos to my channel in 2012...It wasn't till January 1st, 2018 that I got serious and wanted to share my knowledge with others and create a community of like-minded people...So in 12 months, I have gone from 5 family and friends subscribers to over 720 subs and a Facebook group with more than 800 members...So take a look at the year that was, and you can see how far I have come in such a short time...I can't believe that just a short 12 months ago I didn't even know how to use the editing software or even how to get my videos seen...but here we are 12 months later, and I am getting better and better every day... I look forward to spending my 2019 with you all again...Happy New Year Everyone