DDs Review Weekly | Book Review | Free-motion Quilting Workbook by Angela Walters.

DDs Review Weekly | Book Review | Free-motion Quilting Workbook by Angela Walters. Here at Darvanalee Designs Studio, we are addicted to books, patterns and products. Especially crafting and Quilting books...So we thought we would start to share some of our Books off our Bookshelf...So we thought what better way than to share with you the books, patterns and products we love by doing a Weekly Vlog - Review Style...The book in this DDs Review Weekly video is called, Free-Motion Quilting Workbook By Angela Walters. It was first published in 2014 by Stash Books. So let's take a look inside...this will give you an idea what you get for your money... if you are wanting to purchase the book we have included a link for you ... You can get your copy here: ▶

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